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A simple highscore-based arcade game. Move the mouse to lead your dot. Smash it into bubbles at the right speed to rack up points and set high scores in 3 different modes.
Red Bubbles can be hit while red. You get more points the harder you hit it.
White Bubbles need to be poked as softly as possible.
Blue Bubbles need to be hit multiple times while red.
Red Spikes can get you stuck in them. Pull your mouse away from them to get free.
Yellow Spikes kill you instantly.
There are also 3 different game play modes you can choose from. You start with only one but you will unlock them quite quickly by just playing the game!
In Marathon you have to survive as long as possible while your life bar is draining with every second. You can refill it by hitting a bubble. How long can you keep up?
In 30 Seconds you have to get as many points as you can in a time of 30 Seconds while not dying.
In Racer you have to hit bubbles while they’re falling down the screen. They get faster and faster, so reaction times are the key to success!

Eklenme tarihi 07 Apr 2020
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