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Zodiac Fashion Guide a horoscope dressup game. Did you thought of zodiac signs and do you believe in them? Come on, here we bought an exciting type of game? Are you wondering does it really says about personal style? Some believes that every sign has a different personality, a lucky outfit and a color that they should wear. Pick your sign and find out what is yours! Once you check your horoscope fashion, you can discover clothes and hairstyles and these can be same from other signs as well. create your favorite look which makes a lucky day. You will have all kind of braids, buns and ponytails, wild hair colors, gorgeous dresses, glittery skirts, trench coats and leather jackets and also a lot of accessories like hats, earrings, necklaces, glasses and handbags. You can also replay to see what other signs have in store. Have a blast playing this exciting game only on y8.com!

Eklenme tarihi 10 Sep 2020
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