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But Who Really Cares?

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« Reverse thinking » Ad for Oui Marketing agency.
The audacity of standing out from the crowd, of heightening the experience and generating affection for a brand. That's our momentum. And it forever drives us.
The relevance of being contemplative, precise and efficient, forever mindful of return on investment. What we do today, shapes tomorrow. And we're exhilarated by it.
Copywriting: Julien Remillard
Art Direction : Sylvain Daoust, Amélie Adam et Lauriane Pierlot
Creative Direction : Sylvain Daoust
Translation: Howard Shryer
Filmmaking : Thomas Vannieu
Music : L'Oreille
Yes / Oui
but who really cares
to build brand awareness
advertisers today have
to sell tons of products
we don't need
can control
the consumer
is worthless without
purchasing power
we believe that
the big idea
our weapon of choice:
visual pollution
which goes against
what consumers want
we create advertising for
the agency
the advertiser
that's the way we see it
impossible challenges
big problems
we just don't believe that
advertising advances day after day
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