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Elite training - developing young stars.
Providing elite training for special talent. Our Goal is to build, strengthen and condition at a world-class level.
Our trainees are held to the highest standard in order to help them advance and compete at their best potential. We provide 1 on 1 coaching. No other training strategies get your child to improve as fast as Tiluchi elite can. Our consistancy in quality is a standard developed by years of improvement in strategies, as well as planning, design and developing tacticts of aproach.
we have deviced a step-by step approach that will get them to their best of their abilities.
Tiluchi Elite will hold our students to their highest standard, we use technology to be able to provide feedback in way of weekly statistics that tell us developmental variables in your child. Some of the being speed, agility and strength.
We are proud to say that some of our players are being scouted and trained for European and American teams as of now.

Eklenme tarihi 04 Apr 2017
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