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This Eliza Moody Fashion Guide is going to be amazing game to play. Our cute princess is of course very happy to be here and to play with you, well she is not only happy because, as you can see from the title of the game, she is really moody today and you dear kids get to choose the right outfit for her for all he moods she has. When she is happy she can wear her hair in two braided tails with pink tips, a colorful pastel dress and an unicorn shaped handbag. For her sad moments, put her platinum hair in a low bun, choose a purple sweater with cut-outs on the sleeve, a pair of black ripped jeans with star prints and a backpack with studs. There are also some Meh moments when she can wear a ponytail, a white jumper with flower prints and a long necklace. Play this fun game on y8.com

Eklenme tarihi 31 Aug 2020
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