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So this whole idea around… can many of the Eastern nations, or Africa, or Latin-America, can they leapfrog you? Can they take a big enough step to actually get completely by you? I doubt they can take a big enough step to get completely by anyone. I think they can certainly move faster than anyone is predicting, and they need to, but they're going to want to do that anyway, because they're motivated differently than you. Or me. They have nothing. In most cases they literally live at the base of the pyramid. And therefore they want change so bad that every day they get up, saying: "I've got to change what I'm doing. I've got to get out of here! I've got to go somewhere else. I've got to do better."
Remember, everyone is on this planet to try to increase their standard of living, not lower their standard of living. So those people just are hungrier; they have a greater passion. So it's not technology to blame here, it's their willingness to change, their willingness to sacrifice compared to yours or mine. We're sometimes too comfortable. So comfortable that were not willing to be upset. They are so uncomfortable that nothing upsets them. And therefore they move faster than you do. That's what we all need to worry the most about: Are we complacent? Do we have the eye of the tiger? Are we hungry? Are we going to change fast enough? Because whether you like it or not, there are, what… almost three billion people on the planet who live at the base of the pyramid. They are changing incredibly fast and can't wait to move from where they are.

Eklenme tarihi 01 May 2017
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