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For the most part, the game follows the plot of the movie: amiable banker Johnny helps out his friends with their day-to-day problems while preparing for his wedding to his long-time future wife, Lisa. When he discovers that Lisa is cheating on him, Johnny decides to expose her infidelity. The game primarily diverges from the film in that it shows the events nominally from Johnny's point of view as opposed to Lisa's; the player gets to control Johnny as he engages in activities that were only referred to in the film, such as his taking on a mystery client at his bank and his turning over drug dealer Chris-R to the police. The game also contains several in-jokes that attempt to fill in plot holes in the film; a scene in the game's final level attempts to explain the inexplicable disappearance of main character Peter from the movie's final act.

Eklenme tarihi 22 Apr 2017
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