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Welcome to Comet Smash is a free puzzle game on Y8. Welcome to the void, a swirling mass of protons, electrons, other trons, and you. Spin your way to victory by avoiding the other neutrons as they pop up and surround you. Collect all of the dots and avoid being struck down in order to win. Comet mash is an avoider game, a clicker game, a minimalist game, and an endless runner game. Even though you don't technically run, it's not over until you die. So, it is in your best interest to click around and stay alive. Avoid the incoming neutrons and keep yourself locked uptight. This is a fast-paced game of reflexes and fun where you can't be bothered by the outside and must never let yourself be destroyed. Don't let the haters get you down as you spin to win in this whirlwind clicker game for children of all ages. Have a nice game and good luck!

Eklenme tarihi 06 Sep 2020
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