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Cricket Championship

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Oyun bilgileri:

"Cricket Championship is an exhilarating HTML5 game that puts you in the captain's seat, allowing you to lead one of the 10 top cricket teams to glory. Immerse yourself in the excitement of the cricket field as you strategically choose your team from a diverse lineup of cricketing powerhouses. Select your preferred overs, whether it's a quick and intense 2-over match, a balanced 5-over showdown, or a thrilling 10-over battle.

Experience the thrill of batting and bowling in a dynamic and user-friendly interface, with responsive controls that capture the essence of the sport. Will you guide your team to a smashing victory, or will you face a challenging defeat? Cricket Championship delivers an immersive cricketing experience for fans and casual gamers alike, bringing the excitement of the pitch to your fingertips. Get ready to hit boundaries, take wickets, and claim the championship title in this HTML5 cricket sensation!"

Kategori Spor Oyunları
Geliştiren: Milody Games
Eklenme tarihi 25 Nov 2023